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economy tuning

If you want to save money on fuel whilst still gaining a better throttle response and turbo lag reduction along with additional power and torque then an economy engine remap is the perfect product for your needs.


The decision as to whether or not to have an Eco Recalibration is not whether you can afford it or not. As with savings of up to 20% improved fuel economy our Eco Recalibration will pay for itself in no time.

With the ever increasing cost of fuel it has become even more important to obtain efficiency from engines in order to try and reduce the increasing costs of vehicle ownership. We specialise in economy tuning of modern diesel engines whether it is your car, van or 4x4 vehicle.

With BHP REMAPS's Eco Recalibration you benefit from increased power & torque providing you with a linear power delivery and an ability to achieve improved fuel economy and a reduced carbon footprint.


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